History of the Federation

The Wine Roads of Tuscany Federation,transformed on the 2nd November 2005 into the Federation of Wine,Olive Oil and Tuscan flavours roads, the first experience at national level, was born the 27th of july 2001 at Montespertoli,primarily as a response to the need to promote all business tied to wine tourism, but also gastronomic business and can be considered an integrated tourist system,formed from different territorial realities which have a unified vision of local development.

The Federation itself, represents a trademark, a brand with the objective of giving consumer confidence, in our case to the wine,olive oil and typical products ,with aims which range from the participation of promotional events in Italy and abroad to communicate and increase the awareness and formation of the sector together with agreed objectives at all levels, the adjustment of quality standards and a common image to respond to the needs of reception,quality accessibility and usability of the resources.

Therefore the Federation,through the joint commitment of the Wine Roads gives more weight to Gastronomic Tourism, one of the more efficient realities to move the flow towards the land of Wine,Oil and Flavours and to give a voice to those who firmly believe that these products represent more than just an economic resource, but rather a "Philosophy", a "Way of Life",the roots of those who live and work in the country; a wealth to be shared with responsible consumers and enthusiastic tourists searching for the culture of good wine and food at a realistic price.

Federazione Strade del Vino, dell'Olio e dei Sapori di Toscana
Via Lucardese, 74 Montespertoli (FI)
Tel. 0571/606048 - Fax 0571/657613
mail: info@stradevinoditoscana.it
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